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Christians in Maiduguri can at long last prepare for a peaceful and holy religious festive period

22 December 2022
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For the first time in many years, Christians in Maiduguri have openly started preparing for the festive Christmas period, one of the holiest times for believers.

Up until now, they have not been able to do so because of the constant insecurity caused by the insurgency.

Christians in Maiduguri told RNI reporter Ummi Fatima Baba Kyari that this was the first time in years that they could prepare for the festive season without the fear of being attacked and killed by insurgents.

Reverend Yuhana Ishaku, a pastor in Maiduguri, said: “For years now a lot of preparations for Christmas were not made because of the insecurity in the region. Christians were even scared of singing Christmas carols and making food for the festive season because insurgents often attacked churches and worshippers.

“But this year’s Christmas celebrations are different because we now live in relative peace. We can hold Christmas services in our churches again and sing Christmas carols and praise our God. The insurgency took all that away from us as we were too scared to celebrate in case we were attacked. We had to praise our God in secret.

“Now we can give thanks to God and praise Him openly. We are most grateful to the government and the security forces for their efforts to restore peace in the community, allowing us to give thanks to and praise the Lord for his mercy.”

Grace Yamta Mishelia said that for a number of years Christians could not prepare to celebrate Christmas.

“At last now we can shop for new clothes and special food; we can organise carols, dramas, songs, read the Bible, cook and share in the spirit of Christmas. There is peace and we can all enjoy the festive season as we used to do in the old days. It’s back to being a happy and peaceful time for us – instead of a fearful time – and we are so grateful.”



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