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National Youth Service Corps orientation held in Borno State after being suspended for 13 years because of the insurgency

12 September 2023

Tight security as 629 male and 496 female graduates from all over Nigeria are sworn in as corps members during a three-week orientation course in Maiduguri. Graduates from all over […]

CJTF members may face dismissal if convicted of gender-based violence or human rights abuses

12 September 2023

Strategic framework, containing policies and procedures, put in place to deal with gender-based violence or marital issues, disputes among CJTF members, as well as allegations of human rights violations and […]

Six children and two elderly women killed as extreme windstorm causes building to collapse

6 September 2023

Residents say lives are at stake if another powerful windstorm or heavy downpours cause more buildings to collapse in Monguno IDP camp Two elderly women and six children were killed […]

Insurgents tell families they will kill 30 abducted women if ransoms are not paid promptly

24 August 2023

Relatives are desperate to get enough money to pay insurgents the ransoms and have called on the Borno State government or a wealthy benefactor to come to their aid

The danger of landmines and improvised explosive devices

4 April 2023

Scrap metal and firewood collectors, farmers and fishermen were among a throng of people who attended an event to emphasise the need for more awareness of the danger of landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Scorching heat and scarce water leave Borno State residents parched

23 March 2023

World Water Day, observed globally on March 22, did not mean much to the residents of Maiduguri – particularly internally displaced persons (IDPs) – who say the scorching heat and scarcity of water are leaving them parched.

Residents fear reprisal strike after troops kill at least 60 insurgents in Mafa attack

22 March 2023

More than 60 insurgents were killed in the early hours of Sunday, March 19, in an attack on a military base in Mafa town where officials were collating the results of the gubernatorial elections which were held on Saturday.

Nigeria is all set for the gubernatorial elections on Saturday

17 March 2023

Independent National Electoral Commission (INC) officials, political party representatives and security operatives have spent most of Friday, March 17, adding the final touches at polling units across the country,

Nigerian soldiers ‘neutralise’ several insurgents in ambush on Damboa-Maiduguri road 

26 January 2023

The Nigerian Army claims it successfully “neutralised several insurgents” who tried to ambush troops on the Damboa-Maiduguri road in Borno State on Monday, January 23.