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Local NGO helps 30 victims of the insurgency and gender-based violence to become whole again

2 February 2023

Thirty members of Jire Dole – a network for mothers and wives of disappeared men, former detainees and survivors of abduction and gender-based violence (GBV) – have attended a two-day training workshop to help build their resilience, mental health

Second cohort of Nigerian refugees living in Cameroon voluntarily repatriated to their homeland

26 January 2023

The second cohort of more than 200 refugees – who fled to Cameroon and who have been staying at the Minawao camp in that country – have been voluntarily repatriated to their ancestral community in the border town of Banki in the Bama

Local association offers free circumcisions to almost 300 vulnerable and poor children

23 January 2023

The Association of Ka Fadi Alheri ko Kayi Shiru (Speak good words or remain silent) has sponsored circumcisions for almost 300 vulnerable children – mainly the kids from internally displaced persons (IDPs) and those from poor families

Families of fallen heroes in Borno State beg the government, philanthropists and God-fearing individuals for support

19 January 2023

The families of Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) members who paid the supreme price and died on battlefields in the fight against the insurgency have called on the Borno State government, philanthropists and God-fearing individuals

After a three-day vacation notice, government extends deadline and pledges to find new land for IDPs in Sare 1 camp

22 December 2022

Philanthropists and God-fearing individuals have saved internally displaced persons (IDPs) from being evicted from Sare 1, an unofficial informal camp in Maiduguri – at least for now.

If we don’t get aid soon, we will starve to death

21 December 2022

“If we don’t get help soon, displaced people – especially children and the elderly – are going to die from starvation.”

New informal IDP camps mushrooming around Maiduguri as the government finally shuts down all official camps

19 December 2022

As the Borno State government closes the last few remaining official protective internally displaced persons’ camps in Maiduguri, more and more unofficial informal camps are springing up around the city.

Internally displaced persons in Fariya finally get their own shelters

14 December 2022

Green Code, a humanitarian non-governmental organisation (NGO), has provided 30 shelters to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Fariya in the Jere Local Government Area of Borno State.

Mercy Corps steps up to help severely malnourished children and pregnant women in Damboa

30 November 2022

Mercy Corps has stepped up to help severely malnourished children and pregnant women in the Damboa Local Government Area of Borno State, providing nutritional support, medicines and other healthcare services.