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Overcrowded classrooms and shortage of teachers an epic failure for Borno State

26 January 2024

It is not unusual to find 80 to 150 pupils in a class with a single teacher – and often there are not even enough chairs for all the schoolchildren […]

Dire poverty prevents children from returning to Maiduguri schools for the start of the second term

11 January 2023

Desperate poverty was one of the main reasons many Maiduguri children did not return to school for the second term, which began on Monday, January 9.

Governor orders vocational, numeracy and literacy skills for all Almajirai schoolchildren

18 November 2022

In an effort to reduce the number of the out-of-school children and Almajirai roaming the streets in all parts of Borno State, governor Babagana Zulum has ordered the integration of […]

New college offers free education for all – especially aimed at out-of-school children roaming the streets of Dikwa

21 February 2022

A new college is offering free education for all out-of-school children in the Dikwa Local Government Area of Borno State. Registration for the Al-Ansar Islamic College – funded by Mohammed […]

Empower our girls: Give them a good education

21 October 2021

Education is recognised as a fundamental human right but gender inequality is high in Nigeria and it is the boys, usually, who make it through secondary school and receive tertiary […]

Education still a major learning curve

9 September 2021

Education should be the bedrock of development, but the 12-year insurgency in northeastern Nigeria has taken its toll on the schooling system. Poor funding, inadequate school infrastructures and classrooms, the […]

Missing Almajiri child found battered, with bruises and wounds caused by caning from his teacher

2 August 2021

A five-year-old Maiduguri child ran away and went missing for days after the excessive and repeated beatings he received from his teacher at a Sangaya school. The child told RNI […]

Concern over large number of school dropouts during wet season

27 July 2021

Teachers and parents in Maiduguri are concerned about the large number of children who drop out of school during the wet season. Although there are mega schools in the capital […]

Education merely a pipe dream for most internally displaced persons

1 June 2021

For internally displaced persons in the northeast of the country, getting an education is virtually impossible and remains a pipe dream for most. The area has been historically marginalised and […]