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Doom and gloom as severe economic crisis threatens

16 January 2023

Doom and gloom as severe economic crisis threatens

Global growth is slowing sharply, with the worldwide economic output projected to be just 1.7% this year, according to the latest analysis from the World Bank Group.

Business is booming at the popular Baga Fish Market in Maiduguri

29 December 2022

Business is once again booming at the popular Baga Fish Market in Maiduguri, which was closed during the insurgency because of frequent attacks by extremists, and was allowed to reopen only seven months ago.

New cash withdrawal limits could be the death knell for small traders

16 December 2022

Traders in Maiduguri in Borno State have expressed dismay about the cash withdrawal policy put in place by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which allows individuals to withdraw a maximum of ₦100,000 and corporates ₦500,000 a week.

Currency redesign is causing panic buying and hoarding among traders and residents in Damboa

22 November 2022

As the time draws closer to the distribution of the redesigned Nigerian currency, people – most of whom do not even have bank accounts and deal only in cash – […]

Traders in Gamboru Ngala are ready to take the cattle by the horns and start buying and selling again

21 November 2022

The gates to the Gamboru International Cattle Market have been reopened after having been securely shut for about seven years because of the 13-year insurgency in Borno State. Residents, traders […]

Devaluation of the naira and dodgy roads are crippling hides and skins trade

9 November 2022

The devaluation of the naira and the appalling condition of major routes have taken their toll on hides and skins traders who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat – […]

Redesigning Nigeria’s currency now is not the right time – economist

7 November 2022

Nigeria’s economy is critical at this stage and by redesigning the country’s currency it will just mean traders will be at risk of facing further losses. This was the view […]

Exorbitant cost of living drives market traders to shut up shop

8 September 2022

The exorbitant cost of living, lack of purchasing power and poor patronage, as well as the hike in the prices of all commodities, have forced some traders at the Maiduguri […]

Incense no longer the sweet smell of success

21 January 2022

For more than a thousand years incense, popularly called “Ka’aji” in Kanuri and also known as “Turaren Wuta”, has been used by the Kanuri and Shuwa Arab people – and […]