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Gunmen kidnap four worshippers during Isha’i prayers

28 December 2021
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Brief – Four worshippers were kidnapped when gunmen attacked a mosque in Tella village in the Gassol Local Government Area of Taraba State at about 7pm on Wednesday, December 22.

A witness, Rabiu Suleiman, told RNI reporter Muhammad Ali that 12 heavily armed attackers arrived at the mosque, disrupting Isha’i prayers. They kidnapped four people, including Alhaji Hussaini, the chairman of the grain dealers association in Tai village.

Deputy superintendent of police Usman Abdullahi confirmed the attack, saying investigations were ongoing. He said the number of kidnappings had escalated in the state, especially in Gassol, Bale, Lawai and Jalingo. Gunmen kidnapped people and then demanded a ransom from their relatives.

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