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Kura Bari Program: Third Lake Chad Basin Governors’ Forum: Regional stabilisation interventions top the agenda 

9 October 2021
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Hello and welcome

Today on the Kura Bari programme we are discussing the Third Lake Chad Basin Governors’ Forum, which took place in Yaoundé, Cameroon, on Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th of October.

Eight governors from Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger, with other key stakeholders – including the United Nations Development Programme, the Lake Chad Basin Commission and members of civil society organisations – met to discuss regional cooperation, stabilisation, peacebuilding and security development.

One of the main issues under discussion was how to put an end to the violent and persistent attacks in the region by Boko Haram and other extremist groups.

The objectives of the forum were to share best practices, lessons learnt and how to strengthen coordination and collaboration on border security, as well as what should be done to reintegrate rehabilitated former members of extremist groups into society.

In this special edition of Kura Bari, we will examine some of the presentations, best practices shared, challenges, action plans, as well as the promises made and how to implement them.

In our subsequent programmes we will invite some key stakeholders to get more clarification on some of the issues.

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