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Captured women learn to live freely away from their ruthless abductors

1 September 2023

Thousands of girls – now women – have escaped from Sambisa Forest, the notorious hideout of insurgents, and are starting new lives as they are reintegrated into communities and reunited with loved ones

Six children and two elderly women killed as extreme windstorm causes building to collapse

1 September 2023

Residents say lives are at stake if another powerful windstorm or heavy downpours cause more buildings to collapse in Monguno IDP camp

Abducted women tell of horror ordeal while being kept captive by ruthless insurgents

1 September 2023

They may be back at home, but abducted women say they are physically and mentally ill and they don’t believe they will ever get over the nightmare of what they went through

Traditional and religious leaders champion the cause of reintegrating penitent insurgents into society

31 August 2023

Government urged to give more power to traditional and religious leaders because of the vital role they play in communities

Internally displaced persons fear an outbreak of cholera after the deaths of three children

31 August 2023

Healthcare workers say children’s deaths were caused by starvation and malnutrition and deny there is a cholera outbreak at Fariya IDP camp in Jere

Accusations of corruption mar the rollout of palliative aid packages to those in need

29 August 2023

Borno State citizens claim that many who should receive palliative aid are not getting it because of party politics, infighting and corruption

Niger coup: Closed borders are having a devasting effect on fishing trade

25 August 2023

Traders say the once-thriving Baga fish market in Maiduguri is becoming a ghost of its former self because dealers can no longer conduct business with Niger merchants

Government urged to declare a state of emergency on malaria to fight the world’s ‘deadliest killer’

23 August 2023

Borno State health authority admits Tsangaya pupils have been left out of the antimalarial drug campaign and says a plan has been drafted to include them

Surrendered insurgents block highway and scare residents in protest against poor living conditions

23 August 2023

Protesting repentant insurgents in Maiduguri say they are starving and accuse the Borno State government of neglect and not keeping its promise to pay their ₦30,000 allowance