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One killed, two kidnapped in attack by suspected JAS insurgents in Monguno

23 February 2023
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Brief – One man was killed and two kidnapped on Monday, February 20, when insurgents attacked Monguno town in Borno state in northeastern Nigeria.

A relative of one of the victims, who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons, told RNI that the insurgents, believed to be members of the Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’way Wa’l-Jihād (JAS), better known as Boko Haram, had kidnapped two men, who were identified as Ba Dungus and Ba Kole.

“My brother’s son, Ba Dungus, works as a driver for a non-governmental organisation (NGO). The insurgents took his car keys, put the two men inside the car and covered their eyes with a veil.

“Ba Kole is newly married and his wife recently gave birth. As the insurgents were kidnapping the men, they shot dead Ba Kole’s brother who was getting close to the car.”

Residents of Monguno said they were terrified. They said they were pleading with the government for help because this was not the first incident of its kind. “We need proper security,” they said.


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