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Quiz on the Qur’an brings soldiers and citizens together

31 March 2023
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Male teenagers at the Shehu Sanda Kura Primary School in Dikwa not only had fun but also learnt a lot in a quiz this week on their knowledge about the Qur’an.

Organised by the Nigerian Army, the quiz was the second of its kind and took place on Sunday, March 26. The first quiz – also organised by the army – was held during the holy month of Ramadan last year.

Baba Mala Jibril, the school’s headmaster, told RNI reporter Rawa Dikwa that the quiz helped children to embrace Islam teachings.

He said: “The army suggested holding the quiz and I am most grateful. It’s something we should have done ourselves. The military beat us to it.

“I encourage other Islamic schools to do the same. It is good for the children to learn more about the Qur’an.”

Abubakar Alhaji Hassan, a pupil at the school, said some Almajirai ended up begging on the streets.

“They could learn a lot from quizzes like these and it might stop them from that way of life. I am grateful to the military for organising this.”

The quiz winner got ₦100,000, the one who came second ₦60,000, the third ₦30,000 and the fourth ₦4,000.

Dadabe Alhaji Modu, chairman of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) in Dikwa said the presence of the military in the town had helped to unite communities.

“They have organised quizzes in other local government areas, including Kala-Balge, Mafa, Marte and Gamboru Ngala. We support their efforts because they are sharing the important message of the need for peace with our children.”

Bakaka Alai Yuram, a resident of Dikwa, said: “We are seeing another side of the military. We have not always had a good relationship with them and used to avoid them. But we see now they are people just like us and they are doing a good job by uniting people and helping them to coexist.”

Bana Modu Ngubdo, chairman of the Dikwa Youth Development Association, told RNI that the soldiers were a good influence, particularly on children. If this kind of relationship continues, we will overcome the insurgency and we will live in peace and harmony. I welcome the military.”

A resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “The soldiers have encouraged our children and it has mended the relationship we had with them in the past. Now we know we have no reason to fear them.”



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