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Shehu calls for peace and tolerance during the holy month of Ramadan

27 March 2023
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After all the years of hostility during the insurgency, now is the time to promote unity among all the people of Borno State.

Religious leaders have called on the people of Borno State to be tolerant and to coexist peacefully during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ali Mustapha Ibrahim, who is on the committee of the state’s Islamic Preaching Board, told RNI reporter Ummi Fatima Baba Kyari that in the past some religious leaders had delivered messages of discord which had led to disunity and were a threat to the relative peace the state was now enjoying.

“Peace is the centre of human existence after all the years of insecurity in Borno and it is crucial that we foster it.”

Shehu Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai El-Kanem has called on scholars to follow his guidelines on preaching.

“I call on my fellows to send messages of peace, especially during Ramadan. There must be no hate speech or pointing a finger at other religious leaders.

“Borno State has experienced so much hardship, hate and violence over the years of the insurgency. Religious instruction is a unique tool to promote peace, coexistence and unity.”

Journalist Iya Ma’aji, a member of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, said ethics should govern all types of media. The media should promote fairness, equity, confidentiality, balance and harmony.

“The traditional Shehu has made it compulsory for all religious leaders to avoid using the media to spread messages of discord and instead call for peace and tolerance.

“Journalists are expected to be the watchdogs of the state and they should act as intermediaries between the public and the government.”


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