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The danger of landmines and improvised explosive devices

4 April 2023
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Brief – Scrap metal and firewood collectors, farmers and fishermen were among a throng of people who attended an event to emphasise the need for more awareness of the danger of landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The event, organised by the Peace Ambassadors Centre for Humanitarian Aid and Empowerment, was held in Maiduguri on Tuesday, April 4, to mark the United Nations’ International Mine Awareness Day.

Falmata Ali Abadam, head of the centre, told RNI that farmers, fishermen, firewood and scrap metal collectors – many of whom are children – were particularly vulnerable.

“Security operatives usually survey an area before allowing people in. But insurgents can plant an IED at any time and anywhere. Mines are not only found in the bush but also in markets, other public places and on highways and roads.

“We try to emphasise the need to be cautious and to report anything unusual to security forces.”

According to the United Nations Mine Action Service, between 2016 and February 2023, 2,468 Nigerians were wounded, including 1,478 civilians, and 1,490, including 842 civilians, were killed by explosive devices.


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