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Wake up! One day a woman will be president of Nigeria

3 June 2022
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Wake up! One day a woman will be the president of Nigeria – so said a young woman, one of hundreds who voted for senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani, the winner of the primary elections held in Adamawa State on Thursday, May 26.

The winner was announced on Friday. Binani will take part in the general elections in February next year and will be fighting to become governor of Adamawa.

Women all around Nigeria were delighted about Binani’s victory, saying that women had played a minor role – if any – for years in the country and at last things were beginning to change.

Women – from housewives to business executives – told RNI reporter Rukayya Ahmad Alibe that Binani’s victory was a wake-up call for male politicians telling them in no uncertain terms that it was time for women to have a say in the running of the country and that they should expect a lot more women fighting for places in the higher echelons of politics in the not-to-distant future.

Hadiza Muhammad Ahmad, a politician who served as the managing director of the Nigerian Ports from 2016 to 2021, said: “As a politician senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani’s victory is a joyous time not for her alone but also for the world and women in general, particularly in northeastern Nigeria. It inspires us and, right now, women are liaising with one another to strengthen our network to encourage more participation in politics so that there will be more women sitting in the seats of parliament and having a say in policy-making.

“During 2016 when I contested, there were very few women involved in politics. The men outnumbered us by far but the time has come when that could change because more women want to have a say in how the country is run. They want to be participants not bystanders.”

Ahmad said that from all indications it looked as if Binani had a good chance of succeeding in the general elections. “That will encourage and mobilise more women to want inclusion in the running of the country.”

Hauwa Musa, a young woman from Adamawa State and who is very interested in politics, said: “I’m overwhelmed by the number of women who are taking part in politics and gaining victories. It shows that women have started fighting to stand on their own two feet. The inclusion of women in politics shows that women have realised its importance and that points to a strong sign of victory and development ahead.

“When Mrs Binani decided to take part in politics, everyone did not take her seriously but her victory as instilled in women the belief that we can all do the job as well as any man.

‘’Women are mothers. Just as they nurture their children, so too can the nurture the country. We are not just going for the governorship position, women will come to rule Nigeria one day.”

Iya Ma’aji, a journalist in Maiduguri, said: “I’m happy with the victory because one woman, as a mother, can represent a society better.

“Women have been excluded from the political realm for far too long. Now woman are beginning to make their voices heard by voting, taking a stand on issues and ending up serving the country. From now on women will insist on having a say on the running of the country.”

Musa said she wanted to encourage more women to participate in politics to contribute to making a better society.

“Women should not be left behind. I call on every women to make sure they engage and cast their votes for a better society.”



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