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Young activist determined to put an end to climate change – or at least slow it down

16 May 2023
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A 26-year-old man is determined to make a difference and has written a book about sustainable living, giving tips on how to put an end to climate change – or at least slow it down.

Ibrahim Aliyu Izge, who describes himself as an environment and climate change activist, launched his book, Climate Handbook: A guide to sustainable lifestyle, in Maiduguri on Saturday, May 13.

He said: “It’s a book on climate change and offers suggestions on ways in which to live without contributing to it. What made me decide to write this book is the way in which people live. Climate change is often exacerbated by what people do, for example, cutting down trees and not planting others in their place.

“In this part of the world, northeastern Nigeria, we experience food insecurity, low rainfall in some places, flooding in others. There’s also low agricultural production, a continual outbreak of diseases and extreme heat. Our elders have told us these did not occur in the ‘old days’ and that life has changed for the worse because of them.

“The book explains what climate change, renewable energy and sustainable living are. It offers alternatives and measures to curtail or at least slow down climate change.

“There are more young people than old people in Nigeria. This book is aimed particularly at the youth. I want them to know about the damage climate change has already caused. It’s time for young people to learn to live in a more sustainable way and to protect our natural resources.”

Izge said he hoped the book would be given to schools and other learning institutions and that it would be a guide for young people, informing them of the dangers of climate change and guiding them to use natural resources with the utmost consideration.

“I would like this knowledge to be instilled in children so they know about these things and can make the right choices as they become adults. If we don’t act urgently, we won’t have a future.”

He said: “At the local level, migration, insurgency, deforestation and conflict are the main drivers of climate change. I provide sustainable measures people can take to protect the environment and ensure the safety of all, including managing pollution, reducing our carbon footprint and clean cooking.”

Muhammad Suleiman, from the geography department of the College of Education Waka Biu, said: “Understanding climate change is important and the handbook adds to what we know. It expands on existing ideas and knowledge of climate and the environment. This is an important book, particularly for young people – and especially those living in northeastern Nigeria.

‘’The book provides insight on common practices and offers solutions to climate issues, including man-made actions which have contributed to climate change. I urge the public, especially young people, to read it. The book should not only be available in schools and other learning institutions, but everyone should also read it.

“I hope authorities will translate it into all our local languages so that even the layman can understand it. It is the duty of all people to help make our environment safe and sustainable.”

A recent report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change underscored the urgency of taking more ambitious action.

“If we all act now, we can still secure a liveable sustainable future for all.”

It explained why protecting the diversity of life on earth was essential to limit carbon emissions.

Climate change, the report said, was expected to cause about 250,000 additional deaths each year from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress.





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