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Behave morally and embrace your culture, Keke Napep told

7 January 2021
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The government in Borno State has urged residents to uphold morality and embrace their culture and has set up a committee to help keep the region on track.

The mostly young drivers of Keke Napep have been shown to be introducing some unsavory behaviour, undermining morality and culture.

It has now introduced 41 policies to regulate the operation of Keke Napep drivers across the state.

Alhaji Mustapha Tatayi, of Maiduguri, said those who pray to Allah would have their questions answered.

However, he said, many of the youth in the state had begun undermining their culture by wearing their hair in unacceptable styles, wearing shorts, dressing unconformably and he accused them of sometimes behaving badly.

He congratulated the state for setting up a committee to stop people who did not conform to recognised norms and cultures.

He said that Keke Napep – tricycle drivers whom he accused of undermining the culture in the region. “I’ve heard some children saying if the committee cuts our hair our mothers would be happy because they don’t like it.”

Mustapha Bukar, a tricycle driver in Maiduguri, said he was happy with the decision to take measures to maintain morals.

He said it was unfortunate that there were only a few functional companies in the state, meaning Keke Napep was of the only means of sustenance for youths. But, he said, the government had introduced some policies that many believed were too harsh.

Bukar said the harsh policies could chase away some drivers and he was worried that the policies could trigger young people to venture into negative practices.

Abdulhamid Mohammed, secretary of the tricycle enforcement team, said the conduct of some of the drivers was culturally unacceptable, which was why the government had ordered the state’s ministry of transport to address the situation.

He said that was why the ministry, in collaboration with the Borno State House of Assembly, had come up with 41 policies to regulate the operations of Keke Napep drivers across the state.

“Most of the arrested and those arrested in the future will be arrested for failing to adhere to the rules.”

He said the state did not want to oppress the tricycle drivers, it just wanted them to adhere to the rules.

Mohammed said no one would be arrested if they followed the rules. “Borno is known for its kindness, admirable culture and morals.”

He urged young people to emulate Borno State morals and to distance themselves from unacceptable behaviour.


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