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Governor orders vocational, numeracy and literacy skills for all Almajirai schoolchildren

18 November 2022

In an effort to reduce the number of the out-of-school children and Almajirai roaming the streets in all parts of Borno State, governor Babagana Zulum has ordered the integration of […]

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Devaluation of the naira and dodgy roads are crippling hides and skins trade

9 November 2022

The devaluation of the naira and the appalling condition of major routes have taken their toll on hides and skins traders who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat – […]

Special Report : The danger to humans of chemical and drug residues in livestock

8 November 2022

The use by livestock breeders of chemicals, as well as high doses of other drugs, can be extremely harmful for human consumption and could cause serious illness. Some of the […]


Deeply traumatised mother tells how sickle cell disease has made her life a living hell

7 November 2022

Sickle cell disease is by far the most common inherited disorder in the world and three-quarters of the cases occur in Africa. In Nigeria, where it affects two out of […]

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Redesigning Nigeria’s currency now is not the right time – economist

7 November 2022

Nigeria’s economy is critical at this stage and by redesigning the country’s currency it will just mean traders will be at risk of facing further losses. This was the view […]


Escalating inflation rate is forcing traders to shut up shop

21 October 2022

The annual inflation rate in Nigeria accelerated for the eighth straight month to 20.77% in September from 20.52% in August with food inflation – at 23.35% – the highest since […]


Fed-up public school teachers want their money … and they want it now

14 October 2022

Many public school teachers in Maiduguri are furious because some of them have still not been paid since a qualification verification exercise was started two years ago. They want their […]


Almost everyone in Borno State needs treatment for mental disorders

13 October 2022

The 13-year insurgency, during which thousands were killed, millions displaced, women and girs abducted and more often than not raped or forced into child marriages, has left almost everyone in […]


Cholera control centre offering free care is set up in Umarari, Maiduguri

10 October 2022

A cholera control centre has been set up in Umarari, Maiduguri, to treat and control the spread of the disease. Residents told RNI reporter Alkali Mustapha that they were happy […]

Woman takes on a man’s world and emerges successful, empowered and independent

7 October 2022

For centuries farming has been one of the oldest professions in the world. In northeast Nigeria, where most communities depend on farming, it is regarded predominantly as a men’s work. […]