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Four wounded in bomb blast on Maiduguri-Damboa road

20 February 2023
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Brief – Four people were wounded in a bomb blast on the Maiduguri-Damboa road in Borno State on Sunday, February 19.

A member of the civilian joint task force, who asked to remain anonymous, told RNI reporter Fanna Usman that members of the security agency were escorting vehicles from Maiduguri to Damboa at about 12pm on Sunday. They were waiting for other cars to join the convoy when a car accelerated past them. Seconds later they heard the explosion. No one was killed but four people were wounded, he said.

Ya Hauwa Boram, a witness, said: “The car came past us at speed and moments later we heard the blast. We think the bomb was an improvised explosive device. The car was blown up and there was smoke pouring from it. When we got there we saw four people who were wounded. We thank God no one died.”



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