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Drought leaves rice farmers in Dikwa high and dry – and penniless

26 October 2023

Rice farmers in Borno State say too little rain during the wet season and excessive fuel costs for generators have left them with little, if anything, to harvest. Rice farmers […]


New-look Maiduguri Monday Market up and running again

24 October 2023

Governor waivers rent for two years for 8,000 traders and gives ₦800 million to 2,825 who did not get a shop, promising them a place in a new market expected […]

  Local News  

Insurgents tell families they will kill 30 abducted women if ransoms are not paid promptly

24 August 2023

Relatives are desperate to get enough money to pay insurgents the ransoms and have called on the Borno State government or a wealthy benefactor to come to their aid

  Education    News  

Discrimination a way of life for hundreds of internally displaced children

14 August 2023

Hundreds missing out on schooling because of discrimination, the danger of crossing a busy highway and no secondary school in Auno village in Borno State


Thousands of ‘stateless’ internally displaced persons urgently need to get birth certificates

1 August 2023

Addressing low birth registration rates, especially of displaced people, is the only way to prove their entitlement to citizenship and associated rights, such as the right to stay in the country

  Humanitarian    News  

Starvation plagues internally displaced persons who often go to bed with empty bellies

26 July 2023

The exorbitant cost of food has resulted in a change of eating habits among IDPs – most eat only one meal a day but many go to bed without even that

  Health    News  

Babies suffer from malnutrition because their mothers cannot afford exorbitant price of food

20 July 2023

A lactating mother needs nutritious food to produce enough breast milk to feed her newborn – but, with the exorbitant price of food, some mothers are struggling and are feeding their babies pap instead.

Prohibition on metal scavenging leaves thousands in Borno State without jobs

13 July 2023

Thousands of residents – mainly youths – have lost their jobs because of the indefinite prohibition on metal scavenging activities imposed by Borno State governor Babagana Zulum on Monday, July 10, across all 27 local government areas.


Four wounded in bomb blast on Maiduguri-Damboa road

20 February 2023

A member of the civilian joint task force, who asked to remain anonymous, told RNI reporter Fanna Usman that members of the security agency were escorting vehicles from Maiduguri to Damboa at about 12pm on Sunday.

  Lake Chad Basin    News  

Three children burnt and 300 tents destroyed in fire at Muna internally displaced persons’ camp

8 February 2023

Three children were burnt and at least 300 tents were destroyed on Monday, February 6, when a fire broke out in Muna internally displaced persons’ camp.