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Climate change: FAO distributes fuel-efficient stoves to 24,500 Borno households

21 December 2023

The stoves are energy-efficient, meaning fewer trees are cut down, and they are healthier because they reduce smoke and harmful gases within households. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation […]

World Bank hints that Nigerian government has not removed fuel subsidy

21 December 2023

World Bank says the price of petrol in Nigeria is not cost-reflective and should be higher if the fuel subsidy had been removed. The removal of the fuel subsidy by […]

The poor cry out as prices of locally produced rice hit unexpected heights

27 November 2023

Insecurity, erratic rainfall, the removal of the fuel subsidy, high demand and lack of timely support from the government blamed for sudden rise in the price of locally produced rice. […]

It’s power to the people of the Kaga, Gubio and Magumeri districts after 10-year blackout

20 November 2023

Light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel as businesses are picking up, cold drinking water and soft drinks are on hand and people can recharge their […]

New-look Maiduguri Monday Market up and running again

24 October 2023

Governor waivers rent for two years for 8,000 traders and gives ₦800 million to 2,825 who did not get a shop, promising them a place in a new market expected […]

No such thing as a free ride for many of Borno State farmers

3 October 2023

Maiduguri farmers say the free bus rollout plan is not working properly and many have to pay tricycle riders to take them to and from their lands. Farmers have criticised […]

Trade between Nigeria and Niger at a standstill because of coup

10 August 2023

Sanctions imposed on Niger are having a negative effect on business activities and are taking a heavy toll on traders in the northern parts of Nigeria

Borno State traders suspicious about four fires that broke out during election time and gutted their shops and stalls

20 March 2023

Having stocked up on goods for the holy month of Ramadan, traders were left with nothing as four fires ripped through markets in Borno State.

Traders lose everything in massive inferno that engulfed Maiduguri’s Monday Market

27 February 2023

Devastated traders try desperately to retrieve valuable wares worth hundreds of millions but end up getting severely burnt and not being able to retrieve anything because of the furious flames. […]

Prices of all commodities – particularly food – are being slashed because of the scarcity of new naira notes in northeast rural areas

13 February 2023

Traders in the rural parts of northeastern Nigeria are begging the government to do something urgently to stop the scarcity of the newly redesigned ₦1,000, ₦500 and ₦200 notes because they are being forced to sell their wares for next to nothing