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Victims of Muna IDP campfire who lost their PVCs in the blaze don’t know if they will be allowed to vote

24 February 2023

Victims of the fire that gutted hundreds of shacks, thatch huts and tents in Muna internally displaced persons’ camp in Maiduguri last week are in a serious quandary.

Nigeria Elections: Borno Residents Go To The Polls “Unhappy And Unsatisfied”

24 February 2023

The current scarcity of cash and fuel means residents of the Borno state capital in Northeast Nigeria are going to the polls “unhappy and unsatisfied”.

Scarcity of new naira notes is crippling businesses and making day-to-day life a nightmare for Borno State citizens

7 February 2023

The scarcity of the new redesigned naira notes has become a nightmare for citizens in Borno State who say it’s not just their businesses that are being affected, but also their day-to-day lives

Maiduguri residents accuse members of the civilian joint task force of illegal acts in the run-up to the elections

6 February 2023

Some residents in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, are angry and have accused some members of the civilian joint task force (CJTF) of committing illegal acts, such as supporting particular political parties or candidates

Internally displaced persons who remained in Maiduguri after camps were closed don’t know where – or even if – they will be able to vote

1 February 2023

Internally displaced persons (IDPs), who remained in Maiduguri after the Borno State government shut down all the official IDP camps in the capital city, are worried that they might not be able to vote because they are now living

Nigerians say attempted hacks on INEC’s database could lead to instability, disunity, violence and rigged voting in the coming general elections

1 February 2023

Nigerians have reacted with dismay at the news that there have been attempted hacks on the Independent National Electoral Commission’s computer database, saying such attacks could result in political instability, disunity, violence, as well as rigged

Buying and selling Permanent Voters Cards is an offence and those caught doing so will face the wrath of the law

25 January 2023

Would-be voters in the Jere Local Government Area of Borno State who sold their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) for money and food are now regretting it and want them back because they want to participate in the February 25 general elections.

Peace is priceless: An election is not a war and it’s not a do-or-die affair

17 November 2022

The Network of Civil Society Organisations of Borno State organised a two-day meeting last week to encourage peaceful behaviour during the elections in 2023. The theme was “Voter education as […]