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Mbodou Hassan Moussa

Journaliste de formation et de profession. Passionné par l'écriture, le digital et les médias sociaux, ces derniers n'ont aucun secret pour lui. Il a embrassé très tôt l'univers des médias et de la Communication. Titulaire d'une Licence en journalisme et d'un Master en Management des projets, Mbodou Hassan Moussa est éditeur Web du journal en ligne Toumaï Web Médias. Aujourd'hui, il est devenu Webmaster à la Radio Ndarason internationale et collabore à la réalisation du journal en langue française et dialecte Kanembou.

A boost for agriculture as farmers in Borno State get a free ride to their lands

6 July 2023

From now until the end of the rainy season, the best time to plant crops, farmers in the Maiduguri environs of Borno State will have free transport to get to and from their lands – and security will be on hand to help prevent attacks by insurgents


At least 103 wedding guests drown as overcrowded boat capsizes in the Niger River

15 June 2023

A wedding at the weekend ended in tears when a boat ferrying returning relatives and guests capsized in the Niger River in the early hours of Monday, June 12, drowning at least 103 people, many of whom were said to be children.

Sahel : Journalists face death threats and assaults – since 2013, seven have been killed, six are missing and 120 have been arrested

5 April 2023

Working in the Sahel region – Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, The Gambia, Guinea,  Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal – is becoming increasingly dangerous for journalists, many of whom have been subjected to death threats, assaults,

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Scarcity of new naira notes is crippling businesses and making day-to-day life a nightmare for Borno State citizens

7 February 2023

The scarcity of the new redesigned naira notes has become a nightmare for citizens in Borno State who say it’s not just their businesses that are being affected, but also their day-to-day lives

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Surrendered widow says she almost returned to the insurgents because the government did not keep its promise to support her

6 February 2023

A widow with six children, who fled from insurgents in Sambisa Forest, nearly returned to her old ways because the government – which is urging extremists to lay down their arms and give themselves up,

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Local NGO helps 30 victims of the insurgency and gender-based violence to become whole again

2 February 2023

Thirty members of Jire Dole – a network for mothers and wives of disappeared men, former detainees and survivors of abduction and gender-based violence (GBV) – have attended a two-day training workshop to help build their resilience, mental health

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Internally displaced persons who remained in Maiduguri after camps were closed don’t know where – or even if – they will be able to vote

1 February 2023

Internally displaced persons (IDPs), who remained in Maiduguri after the Borno State government shut down all the official IDP camps in the capital city, are worried that they might not be able to vote because they are now living

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Nigerians say attempted hacks on INEC’s database could lead to instability, disunity, violence and rigged voting in the coming general elections

1 February 2023

Nigerians have reacted with dismay at the news that there have been attempted hacks on the Independent National Electoral Commission’s computer database, saying such attacks could result in political instability, disunity, violence, as well as rigged

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Central Bank of Nigeria extends deadline for people to swap their old naira notes for the new ones

30 January 2023

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced on Sunday, January 29, that it was extending the deadline for citizens to swap their old ₦200, ₦500 and ₦1,000 notes for the newly redesigned notes from January 31 to February 10.

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Second cohort of Nigerian refugees living in Cameroon voluntarily repatriated to their homeland

26 January 2023

The second cohort of more than 200 refugees – who fled to Cameroon and who have been staying at the Minawao camp in that country – have been voluntarily repatriated to their ancestral community in the border town of Banki in the Bama