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Farming and Livestock

Smallholder farmers go back to their organic roots

6 March 2024

The exorbitant cost of fertiliser – which has leapt from ₦8,000 to ₦40,000 – has pushed farmers to use organic manure to cultivate their crops The prohibitive cost of fertiliser […]

Massive hike in price of onion seedlings could result in shortage of the much sought-after vegetable

16 January 2024

Borno State is a major producer of onions – but farmers say they cannot afford to buy the seedlings and experts say this could drive up demand and increase prices. […]

Governor steps in to try to quell violence between farmers and herders in Borno State

12 January 2024

After weeks of tension and uncertainty, governor brokers truce between farmers and herders to ‘foster peace and harmony’ Borno State governor Babagana Zulum has stepped in to try to put […]

Looking back on the turbulent year of 2023 – and praying for a better 2024

3 January 2024

Farmers and wood collectors in Borno State have had a hard year – with many being abducted for ransom or killed – but they hope the new year will bring […]

Irrigation farmers lose the battle against ‘unknown’ pest

29 December 2023

Agriculture expert tells irrigation farmers that there is nothing they can do about this year’s plants except watch them wilt and die from killer nematode worms. An “unknown” pest – […]

Farmers spend nights in the forest to protect their produce from thieves and herders

7 November 2023

Farmers say this year has been very hard because, not only did they have to contend with increasing insurgent attacks and fluctuating rainfall, but they have also had to fight […]

Drought leaves rice farmers in Dikwa high and dry – and penniless

26 October 2023

Rice farmers in Borno State say too little rain during the wet season and excessive fuel costs for generators have left them with little, if anything, to harvest. Rice farmers […]

Woman farmer killed by stray bullet shot from military barracks in Maiduguri

11 October 2023

Residents, mostly farmers, living and working close to the barracks say stray bullets are a common phenomenon and many people have been killed or wounded. A woman farmer from Maiduguri, […]

Farmers tell of the horrors they endured after being kidnapped by insurgents

17 August 2023

Residents in Dalori in Borno State say the recent spate of kidnappings reminds them of the peak of the insurgency and now, just like then, they are too terrified to leave their homes