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Smallholder farmers go back to their organic roots

6 March 2024

The exorbitant cost of fertiliser – which has leapt from ₦8,000 to ₦40,000 – has pushed farmers to use organic manure to cultivate their crops The prohibitive cost of fertiliser […]


Displaced man dies while queueing for food in Maiduguri

5 March 2024

Distribution of food aid to 100,000 vulnerable displaced persons will resume this week after it was suspended on Friday because of irregularities An internally displaced man has died while queueing […]

Two construction workers die in IED blast in Dikwa district of Borno State

27 February 2024

Koibe community believes labourers are being targeted after two IEDs detonate on construction sites Two improvised explosive device (IED) blasts have rocked the Koibe community in the Dikwa Local Government […]

Unknown gunmen shoot traditional leader and three people die in explosions on Damboa-Biu road

21 February 2024

Security back under the spotlight after a traditional leader is shot and three people die in improvised explosive device blasts in the Damboa district of Borno State A traditional leader […]


Release of 500 gives hope to women whose relatives are still being detained by military

21 February 2024

Hundreds of women are still waiting for their husbands, sons and brothers to be released from the Giwa Barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State The Nigerian Army has released 500 men […]

Growing humanitarian crisis forces Nigerian refugees in Diffa to return to their hometowns

13 February 2024

Starving refugees in conflict-ridden Niger say life is unbearable because they do not have enough food and there’s no clean drinking water More than 300,000 Nigerians – who fled from […]

Bloody weekend as 10 people – including four police officers – die in insurgent attacks

6 February 2024

People in the northeast of Nigeria must not make the mistake of believing the insurgency is over, says security journalist. Four police officers and six residents have been killed in […]


Dikwa firewood collectors accuse Fulani herders of rape

5 February 2024

Women say it is becoming increasingly dangerous for them to collect wood in the bushes and forests of the Dikwa district of Borno State because of sexual assaults by Fulani […]


Six Almajiri children and a scrap metal dealer die in improvised explosive device blast

30 January 2024

Gubio resident tells how a child mistakenly picked up an undetonated IED which exploded when a dealer was sorting through the boy’s bag of scrap metal Six Tsangaya pupils – […]

Traders beg government to provide more security to stop escalating attacks by robbers

29 January 2024

Informal traders, who buy goods for resale in remote villages of Borno State, say they fear they will be killed in nightmare weekly attacks by robbers Robbers are making it […]