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Measles outbreak: At least 10 children die in Dikwa district

Despite the immunisation drive, healthcare workers say measles outbreaks across Borno State are showing no sign of abating and more children are at risk of dying every day. Despite an […]

Read the labels on medicines: Don’t get conned into buying expired or counterfeit drugs

16 January 2024

Some unscrupulous pharmacists and salesmen take advantage of people who cannot read and sell them expired or fake drugs, which could easily compromise their health. Pharmacists have warned the public […]

Water is the food of life

29 December 2023

Specialists say the minimum amount of water one should drink each day is two litres – but in Maiduguri many would rather drink tea than water. Specialists recommend that people […]

Poor people in Borno State cannot afford to keep diabetes under control

15 November 2023

As the cost of living continues to soar, people in Borno State say they are well aware of the dangers of diabetes but they simply cannot afford to follow the proper medical regimen.

Counsellors help insurgency victims to find peace of mind again

13 October 2023

Therapists are helping thousands of victims of the 14-year conflict in Borno State to deal with their mental disorders so that they can start living life anew. The extreme violence […]

Starving children in Borno State try to get vaccinated twice – just to get more noodles

12 October 2023

Borno State government, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, hold six-day anti-polio campaign in all 27 local government districts in a concerted effort to keep the state polio-free. To […]

Local humanitarian organisations need urgent funding to stop children from starving to death in northeast Nigeria

13 September 2023

Insecurity, poverty, hunger and a lack of funding for local aid agencies are exacerbating the humanitarian crises in vulnerable communities. The number of children suffering from acute malnutrition in Nigeria’s […]

Borno State government health officials warned to take immediate measures to stop outbreak of measles

11 September 2023

Displaced women have raised the alarm about an outbreak of measles in camps around Maiduguri and have called on health authorities to help contain the disease. Some internally displaced persons […]

Internally displaced persons fear an outbreak of cholera after the deaths of three children

31 August 2023

Healthcare workers say children’s deaths were caused by starvation and malnutrition and deny there is a cholera outbreak at Fariya IDP camp in Jere