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Lake Chad listeners ask Governors to “build schools and health centres”

From Monday to Friday, Radio Ndarason, the radio station that gives a voice to the people of the Lake in their own languages, opens its airwaves to its listeners to […]

‘Governors should help revive business activities’

6 July 2023

From Monday to Friday, Radio Ndarason International, the radio station that gives a voice to the people of the Lake in their own languages, opens its airwaves to its listeners […]

If you were invited to the Forum, what would you say to the Governors?

6 July 2023

As the Lake Chad Basin Governors’ Forum takes place in N’Djamena, Radio Ndarason asked its listeners what they would say to the governors if they were invited to the forum, […]

People’s Expectations of Security

On the occasion of the 4th Lake Chad Basin Governors’ Forum, Radio Ndarason listeners had the opportunity to express their hopes in terms of security during the Kanembu language “thematic […]

Disgruntled voters and opposition parties call for new gubernatorial elections in the northeast

25 March 2023

The gubernatorial elections in Nigeria have come and gone but not everyone is happy with the results – in the six northeastern states voters and opposition parties alike are calling for new elections to be held.

The turnout at polling unit 005 in the Bale Galtimari ward of the Jere Local Government Area might have been very low but at least there were no reports of violent incidences Photo credit: Shettima Lawan Monguno

Violence, including the killing of at least 17 people, mars the gubernatorial elections in some of the 28 states in Nigeria

19 March 2023

Elections marred as people were killed, voters, INEC staff and journalists were brutally beaten and many were arrested for vote-buying as they tried to rig the results.

Huge fire at Gamboru Market in Maiduguri causes panic among voters during gubernatorial elections

18 March 2023

Apart from terrifying market fire, gubernatorial elections in northern Nigerian run far more smoothly and peacefully than the presidential elections three weeks ago.

Lack of support, few resources and cultural beliefs the main reasons for the low number of women candidates in elections

13 March 2023

ElectHER, a non-governmental organisation that champions the inclusion of women in politics, has said it is disappointed by the number of women who ran for parliamentary seats in the recent general elections, saying the number was lower than in previ

INEC hopes election postponement and extended naira cash deadline will entice more people to vote in gubernatorial elections 

9 March 2023

Two major factors since Nigeria’s general elections on February 25 have given political parties hope that many more voters will turn out for the coming gubernatorial elections.