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Malnutrition cases in Borno State have escalated by a staggering 48% since last year

17 October 2023

Many mothers are so poor that they are selling a life-saving food supplement meant for babies and young children just to get money to feed their whole families. Compared with […]

Escalating abductions for ransom keep women holed up at home

25 September 2023

Residents grateful to government for providing more security but they say they will never be safe as long as insurgents roam Borno State forests There were so many women abducted […]

Resettled houses in Borno State’s Konduga district are a ‘total disgrace’

21 September 2023

IDPs say although they have complained to local authorities, no one in the Konduga district has responded, so they continue to live in filth and squalor in homes that are […]

Women grounded by recent spate in the number of kidnappings

7 September 2023

Women firewood collectors say they are too scared to go to the bushes because they are easy pickings for insurgents who lie in wait to kidnap them. The recent spate […]

Maiduguri-Gamboru Ngala road a hellish highway that has already claimed many lives

6 September 2023

Frequent attacks by insurgents and armed criminals, hundreds of potholes and major accidents make the highway a nightmare drive, particularly in the rainy season. Motorists, traders and passengers who use […]

Food aid stampede: 11 injured and four others admitted for emergency care

30 August 2023

Chaos as huge and uncontrollable crowd storms Borno State government’s palliative food aid distribution centre in Damboa Several people fainted and 11 were injured, four seriously, in a stampede that […]

Niger coup: Closed borders are having a devasting effect on fishing trade

25 August 2023

Traders say the once-thriving Baga fish market in Maiduguri is becoming a ghost of its former self because dealers can no longer conduct business with Niger merchants

A deadly week in Borno State

15 August 2023

Citizens are calling for better protection as more improvised explosive devices are being discovered along Borno State’s major routes

Two killed in attacks in the Damboa and Magumeri local government areas

9 June 2023

Civilian joint taskforce member shot dead in Damboa and man killed in Magumeri – both attacks carried out by insurgents