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Growing humanitarian crisis forces Nigerian refugees in Diffa to return to their hometowns

13 February 2024

Starving refugees in conflict-ridden Niger say life is unbearable because they do not have enough food and there’s no clean drinking water More than 300,000 Nigerians – who fled from […]

Livestock dealers say crashing naira is killing their business

23 January 2024

The seemingly ever-depreciating naira is making the buying and selling of livestock extremely challenging The drastic depreciation of the naira has made trade between Nigeria and its neighbours an extremely […]

Press Review 11-18 January 2024

19 January 2024

Regional News Stop illegal payment of ransom to kidnappers – Badaru ( Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, has urged Nigerians to stop the illegal payment of ransom to kidnappers and […]

Insurgents abduct nine firewood loggers, kill six people and wound four others in two separate attacks in Borno State

11 January 2024

Relatives of the abducted men say they do not have money to pay a ransom and have reached out to the community and the Borno State government for help to […]

Military coup in Niger worsens humanitarian crisis of at least 300,000 Nigerian refugees

5 January 2024

Governor’s promise a sham as at least 300,000 refugees in Niger are still waiting to be repatriated to their ancestral hometowns in Borno State. At least 300,000 Nigerian refugees in […]

A low-cost and low-key Christmas for most cash-strapped Christians in Borno State

27 December 2023

Horror attacks in Plateau State where at least 145 mostly Christians were murdered – and the death toll is expected to rise because many people remain unaccounted for. There was […]

Exclusive Interview: Shehu of Borno urges government to revive Lake Chad Basin and to ensure peace and security in the region

14 December 2023

His Royal Highness gives listeners of Ndarason FM 88.5 Maiduguri a brief history of Borno and speaks about key issues ranging from insecurity to unemployment, poverty and the revitalisation of […]

Thieves, insects and other pests force farmers to harvest crops early – or lose their hard-earned produce

4 October 2023

Farmers say they realise that the people stealing their produce are doing so only because they are starving and it’s the only way they can feed their families. Starving thieves, […]

Eleven farmers killed and two seriously wounded in clashes between armed herdsmen and farmers

10 August 2023

Borno State government urgently needs to address herder-farmer attacks by implementing conflict resolution mechanisms and establishing grazing reserves, says analyst