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Radio Ndarason International receives special visit as it prepares to launch an FM radio station in Maiduguri

5 December 2022
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As Radio Ndarason International (RNI) prepares to launch its FM radio station, which will be based in Maiduguri, the Borno Radio Listeners Association (BORLA) paid an official courtesy visit to the radio station to build on their strong relationship, synergy and cooperation.

While applauding the efforts of RNI for its programmes and news presentations aimed at promoting peace and unity in Borno State and beyond, some association members provided advice regarding the content, suggesting special focus areas that needed to be improved. They also made certain requests, which would be handled by the radio station’s team at headquarters.

Alhaji Bukar Mustapha, a BORLA member, said: “The main objective of our association is to foster unity and greater cooperation among all the radio stations within Maiduguri and its environs. We visited Radio Ndarason International and made suggestions, mainly focusing on development, peace and unity.

“I listen to RNI’s news and programmes, especially Farask3ram ndu k3lawo [Who is on top?], a quiz programme, and Farask3ram ya’ K3shana [Women’s parliament programme], among others. Most of the programmes are produced and presented very well.”

He suggested that RNI come up with adult education programmes, aimed at creating awareness and educating adult listeners who needed guidance on societal development, peace and stability.

“I don’t think RNI has such a programme but this is what I have observed.” 

Masa Gambomi said he listened to RNI every day because its programmes and news presentations were broadcast in the Kanuri language.

But, he said, people should listen to other radio stations as well because because it was important to increase one’s knowledge and hear different views.

“Some people actively participate in programmes, which has led to them to being recognised as experts on certain subjects.

“I often participate in radio programmes related to the Kanuri culture, as well as customs and traditions.”

Gambomi said he was grateful the association had given them the chance to visit RNI, which, he said, he was sure would continue to educate, enlighten and entertain its listeners with its programmes and news presentations.

“May Allah bless RNI radio station and its staff.”

Aisha Aliyu Mustapha, a BORLA member from the Simari area of Maiduguri, told RNI that she appreciated the warm reception and hospitality from the radio staff.

“But I have found this has always been the case. I have been granted interviews several times because I have been participating in one of the RNI’s programmes, Farask3ram Majalis Kamuwaye (Outstanding Women’s programme) and I have benefited a lot. I’m sure our strong relationship will continue. May Allah uplift RNI radio station.”

Fatima Abubakar said: “It was so excited visiting RNI station. I did not know where it was stationed even though I listen to it and find its news and other programmes educating, scintillating and fascinating. I think its content is excellent but, as caring listeners, we are always willing to give suggestions and advice to make it even better.

“RNI station can be accessed on shortwave and we have been told it that soon it is going to be available on FM, which is a good thing because more people will be able to access its programmes.”

Hajjja Zara Bulama said she did not know the radio station was in such a beautiful building.

“It’s a thing of joy for me to visit RNI station. My advice for RNI is that it should continue to produce content that is exciting. RNI programmes and news are the best because no other radio station is producing programmes and news in Kanuri the way RNI does.”

Abdullahi Dungus, the chairman of BORLA, emphasised the need for greater synergy and cooperation with RNI.

“The reason we visited the radio station was to build on this. Our association is the unifier of all radio stations across Borno State. “The management of RNI told us that soon there would be an FM station based in Maiduguri and this is a welcome development because it will go a long way to promote our cultures, our traditions and our tribe [Kanuri]. We are going to maintain the strong relationship with RNI station for the betterment of our people because we have more than 2,000 registered members of BORLA and most of them are Kanuri.

“We have asked RNI for to support our association and to develop programmes aimed at developing and empowering women and young people.”

As a gift of appreciation, Dungus presented the management with a wall clock to show its appreciation of the radio station on behalf of the association.

“I urge people to listen to radio stations, particularly RNI, because when you develop a habit of listening to radio, you become more educated and enlightened. The aim is to entertain and keep people educated. You learn about all aspects of community development, social life and peaceful coexistence. We are 100% sure that RNI radio station will continue to give us its best. And we are looking forward to the establishment of the RNI FM station. May Allah bless RNI and unite all of us as one entity.”

Michael Ochieng, director of Okapi/Radio Ndarason International (RNI) in Nigeria, said: “The members of Borno Radio Listeners Association paid us a courtesy call on Tuesday, November 29. They made suggestions, which need deeper consultations and reflection. Once we have consulted with our team at headquarters, we will be then in a position to respond to the many requests BORLA put to us.

“BORLA seeks support from us in celebrating the international day of radio by offering the association free air time to express its views, as well as offering special air time for women to talk about pressing issues in our Ya K3shana programme (Outstanding Women’s programme). It has also asked RNI to help it to get visibility materials, such as posters and banners, for their office. It has asked us to support the association and support for youths and women by producing programmes that encourage job creation and entrepreneurship.

BORLA also asked us to support them by buying radios for their members. Based on what they said, there are about 2,892 members of BORLA.

“So, there were quite a number of requests, most of which require finance. Of course, we are a radio station not a development organisation. So, we need to discuss this with our team at headquarters.”

Ochieng said once the FM station was inaugurated, BORLO requested that RNI consider giving 27 people from the association free air time slots and to participate in different programmes throughout the day.

“I don’t want to preempt the requests but one of its requests is a very sensitive issue – having about 27 people or a fixed group of people calling in every day for free to express their views on particular programmes. This might chase away other people who want to air their views. We need to consult the technical team about the implications of having a selected fixed group who will partipate in questioning and discussing matters on different programmes.”

Ochieng said BORLA’s enthusiasm about the launch of RNI FM radio was highly welcome.He said RNI staff and the team at headquarters were excited about having an FM radio within Maiduguri city.

“This is something that will inform listeners about important community matters as well as provide entertainment. We would like youths to participate actively. And we would like to address the challenges that confront marginalised people, such as internally displaced persons and the women and children in Maiduguri. RNI FM radio will concentrate on these issues.

“It will also be important to keep listeners updated on political matters and decisions taken by the government. We will have programmes that feature various government agencies, so that listeners will have the opportunity to get to know the individuals who make important decisions that affect their lives. Everyone we have spoken to is excited about the launch of RNI FM radio.”

Ochieng said its listeners should know that RNI was always there for them.

“The radio is going to be available not only in the northeast of Nigeria, but also to listeners in the whole of the Lake Chad region. Very soon, we will be setting up offices in the Niger Republic and Cameroon. It will be a radio station that will unite and bring all the people together by enhancing their knowledge on day-to-day issues happening in the Lake Chad region and in northeastern Nigeria.”


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