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Suspected ISWAP insurgents brutally slay top Civilian Joint Task Force commander

30 September 2022
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Suspected Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) insurgents sneaked into Gajiram, the headquarters of Nganzai Local Government Area, in the early hours of Wednesday, September 28, and brutally killed Mustapha Zanna, the top commander of the Civilian Joint Task Force in the town.

A resident, who asked to remain anonymous, told RNI that the insurgents first broke Zanna’s legs, then his hands and ribs, and then stabbed him in the eyes before killing him.

“They went for his eyes because they knew the commander was very powerful spiritually and that he would not be killed easily. They believed that if they stabbed him in the eyes, it would break his spiritual power or magic and it would be easier to kill him.

“There were about 10 insurgents who sneaked into Zanna’s residence at about 2am on Wednesday. They somehow evaded the police, military and other security operatives and went straight to Zanna’s house.”

He said when the insurgents arrived at the commander’s house, Zanna had told his wife to leave and he tried single-handedly to fight off the insurgents.

“But there too many of them and they overpowered the commander.”

The resident said it was disturbing how the insurgents had managed to get into town because it was surrounded by a deep ditch and guarded by security operatives, but they somehow managed to evade them.

Zanna was very popular, famous and was well known for his kindness. Residents of Gajiram town were shocked and disturbed by his killing. They described him as a strong CJTF commander who was not afraid of insurgents and had willingly and bravely fought to save his country.

“We are all in mourning. Now all security personnel are on high alert and they have put in place more stringent security measures within and outside the town. But it is too late to save the commander.”

He said the federal and Borno State governments should support not only Zanna’s family but also all the other families of other CJTF members who had been killed in the counterinsurgency operations in the state. He said many CJTF members had been killed by insurgents, including the top CJTF commanders of Gubio and Bama local government areas.

“The government needs to support the families of all slain CJTF members, just as they do for the families of slain soldiers or military and other security operatives in the country. And the sacrifices made by the fallen CJTF heroes who protected the lives and property of the people should be remembered and should never be in vain.”


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