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Blind father begs governor to change his mind about closing IDP camps in Maiduguri

30 November 2021

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Maiduguri are very concerned about their children’s education because of the governor’s decision to close all camps in the city and return the residents to […]

Open defecation a major health hazard

30 November 2021

Open defecation – and lack of sanitation and hygiene – is a serious health hazard that can cause various diseases, the most common of which are diarrhoea and intestinal worm […]

The 10-month power blackout is forcing businesses in Maiduguri to shut up shop

29 November 2021

It has been a dark 10 months for residents and businesses in Maiduguri – and it doesn’t look as if there is any light at the end of the tunnel.

Herdsmen will fight to the death if farmers confront them

29 November 2021

Farmer-herder conflicts, which used to be most prevalent in southern Nigeria, are now becoming more common in Borno State in the northeast. Once the sedentary farmers have planted their seeds, […]

Uncertain future scares IDPs in Maiduguri as evacuation deadline looms

29 November 2021

Some internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Maiduguri have already started packing up their belongings to meet the December 31 deadline set by the Borno State government for their evacuation from […]

It’s hit and miss for commuters at congested Custom Market

29 November 2021

Street traders at the hugely busy and congested Custom Market in Maiduguri in Borno State are making it a nightmare for commuters to get anywhere. They trade on the pavements […]

Alarming statistics show that the rate of birth of premature babies in Borno State has reached 45%

22 November 2021

The rate of premature-born babies in Borno State in northeastern Nigeria recently rose to an alarming 45%. Ma’am Kyari, a registered midwife at the College of Nursing and Midwifery in Maiduguri, […]

3-Wheeler Taxi Import Ban Causes Shock Price Rise

21 October 2020

There are 80,000 Keke-Napeps in the city of Maiduguri

Borno Schools to Re-open 29 October?

8 October 2020

Director of State Universal Basic Education Board refuses to grant RNI an interview