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Three children burnt and 300 tents destroyed in fire at Muna internally displaced persons’ camp

8 February 2023
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Brief – Three children were burnt and at least 300 tents were destroyed on Monday, February 6, when a fire broke out in Muna internally displaced persons’ camp.

Yafusam Muh’d told RNI reporter Musa Shettima that they were sitting in their tent when their neighbour’s tent caught fire.

“We ran for our lives as the fire swept through the camp. No one helped us. It burnt for about 30 minutes before people in the camp put it out. The three kids were playing and started a small fire, which got out of hand. They were burnt and are in hospital. Thank God no one died.

“We need urgent help – everything burnt, including our tents, food, clothes and all our belongings.”

Attom Muhammad Magira, a candidate seeking the senatorial seat in Borno Central – where most of camp residents are from – visited Muna and gave some of those affected 125 mats, 100 jars of Vaseline and 150 kettles.

Residents of the camp are begging the Borno State government and non-governmental organisations to come to their aid.


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