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14 killed in violent clash between Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram fighters

20 May 2022
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Members of the Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’way Wa’l-Jihād (JAS) attacked a group of herdsmen in a forest about 10km from the village of Gajigana in the Magumeri Local Government Area of Borno State on Monday, May 16.

The herdsmen, whose cattle were grazing in the area, were accompanied by members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) and local hunters.

They came across a large group of JAS members and a violent clash ensued. Three herdsmen and three CJTF members were killed. Five of the JAS, better known as Boko Haram, also died.

A hunter told RNI that there were many fighters on both sides who were seriously wounded.

After the attack, the herdsmen, CJTF members and hunters rushed to Gajigana village in search of reinforcements. They regrouped and made their way back to the forest aiming to avenge the attack, collect the corpses of the herdsmen who had been killed and recover a number of cattle that had been rustled.

However their plan did not pan out and three more CJTF members and three hunters were killed.

Mohammad Zarami, one of the hunters who survived, told RNI that the herdsmen fought hard to protect their lives and cattle. They killed five JAS members but, overall, the JAS outnumbered them and were too strong.

“The second attack, when we had reinforcements, was even more fierce and five of our hunters lost their lives. Four CJTF members were also killed.

“When we returned to Gajigana, some of our neighbours from the village of Gajiram joined us. We regrouped once more and, with a full force, we went back to the forest to fight against the remaining members of the Boko Haram. But, when we got there, we could not find them anywhere. They had already left the scene.

“Sadly, all we could do was to carry the corpses of Fulani herdsmen, the CJTF members and the hunters back to town,” Zarami said.


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