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Thousands of Nigerian refugees in Niger face starvation if they do not get urgent humanitarian aid

19 May 2022
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Brief – More than 10,000 Nigerian refugees from Borno State, who live in the Ngel Modu Mai camp in Diffa in Niger, face starvation if they do not receive urgent humanitarian aid.

The refugees come from the local government areas of Abadam, Guzamala, Mobbar, Monguno and Kukawa. They told RNI some of them had been in the camp for nine years. They said in the beginning at least 2,000 to 3,000 refugees received food and money from the Red Cross and other non-governmental organisations. But now only 400 to 500 received some help.

Most of refugees had sold any valuable items. Now, many women beg for alms or food on the streets, at markets, outside mosques and by going from house to house. Some did domestic work. The men sometimes got temporary work as labourers. Many had sold the nylon and canvas attached to their tents so that could get money for food.

They are begging the Niger government, NGOs and other humanitarian agencies for urgent aid.


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