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Kanuri people gather to promote their culture, unity, peace, history, traditions and language

9 January 2023

High-profile personalities, traditional leaders and citizens gathered in Maiduguri on Saturday, December 31, to attend the annual Kanuriya Dineya, an event to promote the culture, unity, peace, history, traditions and language of the Kanuri people.

Poetry for peace

22 March 2022

In every language and in every country, poetry has played an important role in portraying the state of affairs throughout the world and through the ages. It has described love […]

Incense no longer the sweet smell of success

21 January 2022

For more than a thousand years incense, popularly called “Ka’aji” in Kanuri and also known as “Turaren Wuta”, has been used by the Kanuri and Shuwa Arab people – and […]

Escalating rates of divorce are alarming

2 September 2021

Insecurity, poverty, impatience and a lack of understanding are some of the triggers that have led to an escalation in the number of divorces in northeast Nigeria. The 12 years […]

Gender-based violence must stop

25 July 2021

Gender-based violence (GBV) – mostly against women – is a worldwide scourge, but it is particularly prevalent in places where there are unequal power relations between women and men. In […]

Clay pots make a welcome comeback

12 April 2021

The ongoing power blackouts, scorching heat and with Ramadan beginning on Tuesday, residents in Maiduguri have returned to traditional ways to keep water cool – by using clay pots. And […]

‘No museum, no history’

6 April 2021

Maiduguri residents want the government to renovate and restore the now-dilapidated Borno State Museum to preserve the culture and history of the Kanem-Bornu Empire. They fear that if the museum […]

Behave morally and embrace your culture, Keke Napep told

7 January 2021

The government in Borno State has urged residents to uphold morality and embrace their culture and has set up a committee to help keep the region on track. The mostly […]

Save our girls: Stop child marriages

5 January 2021

Early marriage can have a devastating effect on girls and women under the age of 18. Even though child marriage was a long-recognised tradition in the northeast region of Nigeria, […]