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Reformed Sangaya education system gives pupils a better chance in life

3 November 2023

One year on and the decision to reform the education system at Sangaya schools in Borno State – by integrating Western vocational, numeracy and literacy skills – is proving to […]

At least 7.6 girls out of school in Nigeria – 48% of whom are in the northwest and northeast

26 September 2023

In Borno State, the high cost of living crisis is the main reason girls are not going to school At least 7.6 million girls are out of school in Nigeria […]

Private schools and colleges in Borno State have until October 31 to get accreditation or face closure

21 September 2023

Parents are calling on proprietors of private schools and colleges to apply for accreditation as the state’s education ministry discovers only 266 of about 600 are certified The Borno State […]

Discrimination a way of life for hundreds of internally displaced children

14 August 2023

Hundreds missing out on schooling because of discrimination, the danger of crossing a busy highway and no secondary school in Auno village in Borno State

Anger and concern that university’s 200% hike in tuition fees could result in many students dropping out

9 January 2023

Parents are aghast, angry and concerned – and students are threatening to protest against the 200% hike in tuition fees announced recently by the University of Maiduguri.

Missing in action: Slack lecturers are messing up students’ education

14 November 2022

Students at the College of Education Bama are missing out on learning and getting an education because lecturers can’t be bothered to turn up to teach them. Years ago the […]