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Charcoal briquettes may be the answer to ending deforestation and curtailing the scourge of the climate crisis

18 December 2023

Training teaches people to make charcoal briquettes from recycled waste materials – it’s cheap, healthier and efficient and it does not produce smoke or odours. Most Nigerians in northeastern Nigeria, […]

Special Report: Without gender equality, there can be no climate justice

17 November 2022

COP27 is the perfect vehicle to recognise and augment how women and girls can bring innovative climate actions and solutions, despite the astonishing fact that the world is 300 years […]

Political aspirants must add climate change solutions to their election campaigns if they want to win

16 November 2022

As most of the world eyes out proceedings at the COP27 climate change meeting in Egypt, in Nigeria thoughts are turning to the fast-approaching general elections and many voters are […]

Special Report: African leaders urged to push for support at COP27 to ensure the implementation of the Great Green Wall initiative across the continent

15 November 2022

African leaders have been urged to push for support for the continuance and sustainable implementation of the Great Green Wall initiative – especially in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin […]

Special Report: The importance of COP27 and the need to ensure the world knows about the dangers of climate change

7 November 2022

Heatwaves and droughts, wildfires, cyclones, rising sea levels, land degradation, desertification and major floods have made climate change – also referred to as global warming – a devastating reality, resulting […]

Young people in Maiduguri make sure nothing goes to waste – and they are raking in good money doing so

29 July 2022

Many unemployed youth and women in Maiduguri have found a way to make money – and they’re helping communities to reduce disease, flooding, land degradation, environmental hazards and food insecurity […]

Health officers instruct roadside traders to clean up their act or move

1 June 2022

As the rainy season starts, environmental health officers in Borno State have started the mammoth task of clearing drainage systems and waterways to avoid flooding and the spread of water-borne […]

Green Climate Fund gives bank US$150 million towards Desert to Power solar initiative

14 October 2021

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has given US$150 million to the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the 10 gigawatts (GW) Desert to Power solar initiative which is expected to lead […]

Deforestation could lead to the desertification of vast tracts of land

3 June 2021

The continued practice of felling trees in Borno State − and in the whole of the Lake Chad region – is multiplying the spread of deforestation in many of the […]